The BIGSAS World 2.0

We are happy to welcome you on our new blog.

The BIGSAS World Blog is a version of continuation of the correspondent newsletter edited by the BIGSAS Junior Fellows and published from 2012 until 2016.

Let’s go digital!

A blog that portrays the academic and social life of the Junior Fellows while integrating alumni, BIGSAS staff and other supporters into the BIGSAS World – because: it takes all sorts to make a world. Junior Fellows have the possibility to present their current research in a variety of ways: linked to a thematic day or holiday, as a field work experience or through other creative articles, interviews or features.

Academia does not stand alone

Academia does not stand alone. It is touched by the everyday life of each individual which is why fun and, of course, challenges should not be missed. Therefore, this platform offers the opportunity to spark heated discussions, share special moments or simply publish a poem, a photograph or a story. The BIGSAS Family is unique, innovative and diverse. It exists not only at the university, but also in associations, parties, houses of faith, civil society, supermarkets, dormitories and many other places. The blog will exist alongside the BIGSAS website and other social networks. Nevertheless, the blog offers a unique feature: research and the life of our doctoral students will be accessible. Research staff becomes approachable, e.g. through interviews conducted by Junior Fellows or the editorial team. 

Living future visions

Future visions are presented by new fellows and alumni sharing their ideas and plans or their experience while entering the next chapter after their time at BIGSAS. While Junior Fellows present their research at conferences, share their projects with the public or publish their dissertations – doctoral culture is lived and will be displayed on this blog. You will get an insight to the life of Junior Fellows in Bayreuth, their travels from A to B, their involvement in hobbies or clubs. Food, fashion, film, music and other leisure activities will round it up. The BIGSAS World blog offers a unique view into our world.

The new concept and editorial team appreciates the work of the past and is thankful for each and every Junior Fellow (and Alumni) who has contributed to the “The BIGSAS World” publication. This blog, however, will be a constant work in progress and we welcome ideas and suggestions from all Junior Fellows. We would also like to encourage YOU ALL to contact us if you’d like to publish an article. The current concept follows a wide set of ideas, here are some of them:

  • Meet the Fellow: We would like to get to know new Junior Fellows at BIGSAS
  • Follow the Fellow/What’s next: We would like to see where Alumni went and what they are doing now
  • Special Day: We would like to highlight the importance of BIGSAS research, connecting current dissertation projects with themed/special days; such as the “World Health Day”, “International Day of…” or special holidays in different countries
  • Junior Fellow Cosmos: We would like to see where Junior Fellows are involved – different clubs, initiatives, volunteer work etc.
  • Admin Spotlight: We would also like to share content and information in regards to the BIGSAS staff and their valuable work at the Graduate School
  • Voice of the Deans: We would like to encourage the Deans to use this platform as well and connect with the Junior Fellows
  • Africa in Bayreuth: We would like to highlight different institutions, organization and people in features, portraits or articles, to provide a wider picture of Africa related activities in Bayreuth
  • Intercultural Experience: We would like to address topics like family, food, being-new, different challenges that might emerge coming and staying in Bayreuth, pursuing a PhD etc.
  • We would like to publish articles in German, English and French (more languages are welcome)
  • The format and style is open to a whole variety: the above-mentioned journalistic styles, as well as pictures, photographs, poems etc.
  • If you’re interested in contributing, please send an email:

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