BIGSAS all around the world – ‘hafiza’

The luminous orange is a real eye-catcher. A bright colour that helps you to find your keys among books and documents, before leaving your house.

There are many different BIGSAS merchandise items – the aforementioned key chains, but also luggage straps or magnets and stickers. At conferences, you always have them on you: BIGSAS pens and notebooks. BIGSAS material is a great companion, not only in Bayreuth, but all around the world.

BIGSAS can also be found in Sudan. Alumnus Abu Baker has sent us the following photograph and describes:

Photograph of key chain as a protector in Sudan (submitted by Abu Baker)

“The lady who uses this key chain is a relative. She has seen one of these BIGSAS key chains at my home. She was impressed by the quality and the colour.

She said: “Please bring me one of these key chains. I liked it because I threw my keys everywhere at home and I lose it and I start searching for it. This happens to me everyday.  To find it easily, please give me one. I can see or find this colour at any time which saves much of time”.

Evil eye can affect everyone, according to the belief. To protect the house, people hang a protector in the house. This protector is known as hafiza (in Arabic, literally charm of protection). Hanging keys besides the hafiza protects the keys and everyone enters the house will see it. It is beautiful and shining. Not one else in our residential or the town has this key chain except me and this lady”.

Dr Abu Baker Ahmed Abdel Rahman Al Hadi completed his doctorate “Reproductive Dilemmas in the Pro-natalist Sudan: Perceptions of Causes, Treatment Practices, and Consequences of Female Infertility in the Town of Tamboul” in 2018. He currently works at the University of Bahri, Khartoum, as an assistant professor in anthropology.

We are happy that our merchandise does not only have practical use, but comes in many different dimensions. It is very impressive to see that BIGSAS is home all around the world, in the hands of many people. BIGSAS materials show that we are all connected.

We look forward to receiving further entries of this kind to show what voyages BIGSAS merchandise has already experienced. Please feel free to send pictures and stories to


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